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I first became interested in art during high school and after some advice from my art teacher I began looking into art as a career. I received a scholarship to attend the Kansas City Art Institute where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. During my four years at college I majored in animation and took electives ranging from figure drawing to glass work. I am a quick learner and always interested in exploring new ways of art making.

I am very process driven and always begin with a sketch no matter the final medium. I am precise and have a high level of control, but I like the unpredictability of working with tangible media. Texture is important to me. It reveals how the work is made, the properties of the materials, the strokes involved in the process, the artist’s hand. Physical objects remind the viewer that they are made by a person, and not a machine, which can sometimes be forgotten.

My work is a self-portrait, a pictorial description, not consisting solely of literal portraits of myself, but a kind of window reflecting all aspects of my life. My family and friends, my travel experiences, my environment, all influence my work, even if the audience is unaware.