It had been close but you and your party had finally made it back to the path. You can feel your heart beat returning to normal as you glance around. It is darker than you would expect under the canopy as it should still be midday, or has your watch stopped? You keep moving but a flash of red in the dirt catches your eye. A small silver dagger is laying off to the side of the walkway, like it had been dropped recently. Your past experiences with mysterious objects makes you cautious but there is something about that dragon…
-You shout to your companions to see if anyone has dropped their dagger.
-You pretend to stop and tie your shoe, carefully slipping the dagger into your pocket.
-You move on without a backwards glance. The incident with goblet still fresh in your mind.

I wanted to create a pitch of sorts since my portfolio doesn’t contain any of this kind of work. I would be delighted to participate in The Lost Isle of Kismet show and I promise if I got selected I would not let you down.

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